Update Double Feature!

Gonna Catcha

Most of the work I’ve done on Gonna Catcha are behind-the-scenes coding stuff that won’t show up in screenshots.  I need to fill in all the gaps (so to speak) so that I can release a proper demo version of the game as soon as possible.

The one thing I did that I can take a screenshot of is this:

All arcade games I’ve encountered run a self test to check their own hardware when switched on.  To give my game a bit of authenticity, why not put one of these into it too, even if it is completely bogus and ironic.  In fact, I might have a little fun with it. (twiddles fingers) >:)

That Which Binds Us

Our team still hammering out the details of the design document for That Which Binds Us.  We have some concept art for some of the levels in the game, which I may put up here later.

One thing I can show right now is the main gameplay theme for the game.  It’s pretty much what you’ll hear in the final game, barring any minor adjustments:

Next, I would like to take you back to that mystical time period known as the early 90s, when sound cards had synthesizers so bad that it turned the MIDI file into the scapegoat it is known as today. This is the same theme played using the Sound Blaster 16’s FM MIDI synthesizer. I actually started composing using this sound card (Sound Blaster 16) in the late 90s, so it holds a special place in my heart, even if it does sound bad.  This track may or may not be in the final game; I just made it for fun.

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