My GM48 10 submission: Fodder Cannon

Out of the blue, I decided to participate in the GM48 10 game jam held on r/gamemaker on Reddit. The theme was “Guns that don’t shoot bullets”. So I decided to make a game with guns that shoot minions at your opponent, and kick them into submission. Here is the result: Fodder Cannon.

You can download the game from

Kick, punch. It’s all in the mind.
I regret nothing!
It’s been a long day.
Sometimes you just can’t win. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
And here’s a time-lapse video of the process:
And here is the brief post-mortem I posted on r/gamemaker:
Did you succeed with your plans?

Finishing a full-playable game? Yes. Finishing absolutely everything I wanted to do? No. I wanted to implement a single-player option in my game but didn’t have the time.

Did you come up against any obstacles?

The only obstacle I came across was a technical one. I had been testing my game on both the Windows and HTML5 platforms during the jam so that I could release a standalone and a web version of it afterwards. During the last hour of the jam, the health and ammo meters stopped working in HTML5 for some unknown reason, so I decided to drop it for the jam since I figured my time was better spent on polishing the Windows version.

What did you think of the theme?

This was the theme I wanted to do most. I was pleasantly surprised when it was actually chosen.

Did you learn anything new?

  • When I don’t filter character and graphical designs in my mind and just draw whatever I feel like, things get a little bizarre.
  • I can compose something resembling background music in as little as two hours. I think it still needs a lot of work, but it turned out better than I expected.
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