Gonna Catcha: In-Game Testing

Status report:

Here’s some in-game test footage of Gonna Catcha, featuring Donum Dono as the test subject:

The video shows some tests on changing between animations depending on the state of the player:
  • Gun out or holstered: 2 states
  • Walking or standing:  2 states
  • Facing direction:  4 states
  • Total combinations:  16 states
It also shows some projectiles and the death sequence, which I will never get tired off (*Not a guarantee, I guarantee.)  You may have noticed that Donum sometimes jumps in position whenever he hits a wall.  That’s just my squeeze-the-player-around-the-corner code that still has some bugs to work out.  At least it’s better than what I had initially:

Outside of coding and pushing pixels, I’ve cleaned up and coloured in the sketch of Donum from my last post.  Now he’s no longer confined in a 64-pixel prison.

“*gasp* I’ve been vectored and coloured!”

I also made him the temporary face of my YouTube channel and Twitter:

“Uh, I don’t feel right about accepting this position without asking Pohena first.”

Enjoy it while it lasts; I might have other ideas about branding in the future.

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