The Cat Came Back

The Cat Came Back
I took a break from posting updates last week because 1) it was very late and 2) there wasn’t much to post about. Oh well, that just means more updates to show this week! Here’s what I’ve been working on the last two weeks.
New Health UI
I have replaced the old rectangular health meters with rows of health icons:
For your conveience, here are the icons close-up and isolated:
I realize that this isn’t the best background
colour in the world to use in this case.  
The player’s health is represented by cat heads while the enemies’ are represented by gears. The smallest unit of health (1 HP) is represented by half an icon. And on a related note, I’ve also added healing hearts to make your sad, monochrome cat heads happy again.

<3 x 0.5, <3 


Cat goes in and reemerges somewhere else:
Non-Euclidean geometry. How does it work???
I like how the door-swinging animation turned out. The power of trigonometry! The doors not only allow you to move quickly between two points in the same room, but they will also connect different rooms together in certain multi-room levels, as demonstrated in the video below:

The game is getting closer and closer to becoming a stand-alone playable demo, but it still has some ways before getting there. Needs a lot more polish.
And now that I’m finished, just for fun, here are some outtakes:
Kitty and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Doors
A Glitch in the Matrix Pause Function.
Aww, kitty thinks he’s The One.
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