Gonna Catcha: Steam Greenlight and future plans

I’m pleased to announce that Gonna Catcha is now on Steam Greenlight! If you would like to see the game on Steam, be sure to vote “Yes” on the Greenlight page.

In light of this occasion, I’ve fixed up the trailer for the game:

Regardless of the status of the game’s Greenlight process, I plan on restarting development on Gonna Catcha some time in the future, adding new features and game modes. Here’s a summary of what I plan to do:

Score Attack mode

Gonna Catcha’s current gameplay has you play through a series of increasingly difficult rounds to see how far you can get and what is the highest score you can reach. In the planned Score Attack mode, you’ll play only one time-limited round to try to get the highest score possible. My plan is to make it come in three flavours:

  • Single-player: one person plays, self-explanatory.
  • Co-op: two people play as Pohena and Donum, working together.
  • Versus: two people play as the same character (two Pohenas or Donums), working against each other.

Change in Graphic and Audio styles

Currently Gonna Catcha sports an art and audio style defined by limitations inspired by the Namco Pac-Man hardware. While it has it’s own charm, I am prepared to push these limitations higher, perhaps forward half a decade to turn it into something from the latter half of the 1980s. (My baseline is a style like Bubble Bobble.)

Additional Mazes

The game in its current state has four mazes spread across 16 rounds, which cycle endlessly. I plan on adding new mazes to the game, though I still have to figure out how these new mazes will fit in with the current game progression.

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