Welcome to Cloud Saving! (dot.Market 1.2 Update)

Welcome to Cloud Saving! (dot.Market 1.2 Update)

To: You, the Owner of this dot store

From: Dorothy A. Ellipsis, Dot Retail Strategist

Date: June 21, 2014

Subject: Welcome to Cloud Saving!

Hello You,

Our agreement to save our money and backup our business records in the Game Jolt cloud has begun!

Now if your dog ever eats our local records or you accidentally used them on your most recent papier-mâché project, you can just put in a request to download another copy from the cloud seamlessly and continue to run our business as if nothing had happened! Being stored in an abstract form, our puncta* are also much safer than hiding them away in the back of the fridge. The Tech Guy set it up so that your credentials are entered automatically when you come in for work, unless goes wrong then you need to enter your username and token manually. There were some other miscellaneous things that were also taken care of, you can read it here.

As an aside, I would also like to note that the big “Erase Data” you have set up in the Options room now will automatically destroy the records on the cloud in addition to the local ones.

It’s convenient should there, I don’t know, ever come a time when our business experiences complete failure and you want to, you know, torch the place for the insurance money. …Not that I endorse such extreme measures…

Actually, I did the calculations, out of pure curiosity and totally not because I think you should do this, and did you know that if you did burn the place down for the insurance, after the costs of registering a new business, buying a new location and bribing everyone, you would be left with 3000 puncta to buy new dots with. I find that quite peculiar, wasn’t that the amount you started with? Not that I’m implying anything…

OK… I think I should stop writing now.

Best Regards,
Dorothy A. Ellipsis, Dot Retail Strategist (And Totally Not Crazy)

* FYI: “Puncta” is the local currency. Just in case you forgot.

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Introducing a new member to your dot business team. (dot.Market 1.1 Update)

Introducing a new member to your dot business team. (dot.Market 1.1 Update)
My photo. I bet not many
people send you animated ones!

To: You, the owner of this particular dot store

From: Dorothy A. Ellipsis, New Recruit

Date: June 8, 2014 

Subject: My Introduction and Various Improvements Made to the Store

Dear You,

My name is Dorothy A. Ellipsis and I was hired as part of your “My Store Sucks, Someone Help Me Make It Better” initiative. I believe my previous experience as a “Lowercase I and J Quality Assurance Specialist” and my through understand of the book 44 Things Successful Dot Marketers Do While Sunbathing will make me a tremendous asset to your team. I am super excited to start working! In fact, I was so excited that I already rolled out some improvements to the store!

Low-resolution cursors

The old cursor was too expensive to replace when it broke. (It was like that when I got here! I swear!) They were high-resolution models that were made up of many dots, and have you seen the price of dots lately?! So, I decided to order another that are made of less dots and cheaper to maintain. I struck a deal with the distributor where if we put an order for the standard arrow cursor, they would throw in an animated wait cursor at no additional cost. A team of highly-trained stealth renovators have been dispatched to install the new cursors and they should be ready when you arrive at your store for your next shift.

Faster news tickers

I’ve heard of slow news days, but I thought the old tickers were ridiculous. I gave the order to install new tickers with dot presses that work 50% 100% faster. Now you can spend less time reading the news and more time conducting business. If you’re really in a hurry, you can put them into overdrive by clicking and holding anywhere on the news screen.
As the owner of your own business, you don’t have the time to deal with petty things like remembering to save your game every once in a while, and quite frankly, I don’t want to do it either. That’s why I hired a Records Saving Technician, who will update your business records at the end of each business day. The Tech Guy (I don’t remember his name) only comes in at closing, so he won’t get in your way of your daily routine and, for all intents and purposes, is invisible.
If you want the boring version, you can read it here: Changelog.
In addition to these changes, I’ve come up with a few other ideas we could do to improve the store further:
Game Jolt integration

I’ve heard about your problem with your business records and cash box being put out on the curb with the trash. I won’t pry into how this could even happen, but I’ve come up with a solution that may help. We can backup all our data onto servers run by this company called Game Jolt, and lucky for us they also offer banking services so we can put all our extra cash with them too. I’ll get the Tech Guy to work on it right away! Sure, I didn’t put this in his job description, but I’m sure he won’t mind the extra work without compensation.
I’m seeing great potential in using Game Jolt’s data storage in other areas. I’ll send out another memo when I get the details all worked out.

Best Regards,

Dorothy A. Ellipsis, New Recruit

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dot.Market Released on Game Jolt!

dot.Market Released on Game Jolt!

The LOWREZJAM has ended and dot.Market v.1.0.0 has been released on Game Jolt. Here are some screenshots of the current version:

I have already received some feedback on the game and I would like to continue to improve on the game. However, since I will be working on other projects in parallel with this one (oh, by the way, keep your eyes peeled for when they pop up on this site), it might take some time.

Enough talk, here is the link to the game:

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