Gonna Catcha – An arcade-style maze game [Updated 4/3/2013]

UPDATE 4/3/2013:  This page is deprecated.  Here’s the more up-to-date page:

UPDATE 3/17/2013:  Woo!  Coloured portraits!

The time has finally come; allow me to introduce my new game project.

Game Info

The game is called Gonna Catcha, an arcade-style maze game where the player(s) assume the role of one of two psychopomps in their duty to get spirits to where they belong.  What’s a psychopomp?  You know, those guys that guide spirits of the dead into the afterlife.  You knowthese guys.

The names of the two player characters are Pohenas Das (left) and Donum Dono (right). Pohena is in charge of collecting evil spirits while Donum is in charge of collecting the good ones.  Each psychopomp will have different game mechanics reflecting their different jobs:

  • Pohena must subdue evil spirits before collecting them and take care to not get defeated by them or accidentally attack good spirits (who serve as obstacles).
  • Donum must attract good spirits to come to him and take care not to accidentally attract or get defeated by evil spirits (who serve as hazards).

In 1-player mode, the player will alternate playing as Pohena and Donum between stages (or sets of stages). 2-player alternating will essentially be the same thing, except with two game sessions intertwined.  Finally, 2-player co-op will have each player taking the role of one psychopomp and may involve a different set of stages.


Right now, I have the following options:  Windows, HTML5 and Android.  Windows is the easiest, so I’ll target that first.  With a few tweaks, I can get it running on my website as an HTML5 game; Android might take a while longer.


I’ve introduced the main characters briefly above, but I’ve written some more detailed character bios on a page linked below.  It will be updated as time goes now and I flesh them out some more.


Below are some concept sprite art.  I chose to use a 4-colour palette for each character to emulate the look of old arcade games.  I also included a 16-colour sprite for each character to demonstrate their actual colour palettes.


And last, but definitely not least, the theme music.  Since I have an arcade-style game with arcade-style sprites. why not go the whole nine yards?

Release Date


That’s all I have to say for now.  Stay tuned for updates!


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