Kilkenny Kitty – “Cat Project” Update

I haven’t had much of a chance to work on “Cat Project” this week due a multitude of events and factors in real life that took up my time. Nonetheless, I still have a few updates to share. I was experimenting with speeding up the pace of the game; besides increasing kitty’s walking speed, I also changed the kitty’s swats so that they come out faster, but each individual one is weaker. This means (at normal strength) kitty will now have to combo enemies into oblivion.
Eww. Dirty toothbrush! *smack* *smack* *smack*
The old, slower and stronger swat is now an ambush/charged attack. Holding down the attack key/button will make kitty raise his paw in waiting, ready to to deliver a strike more powerful than a regular swat at a moment’s notice.
Kitty sneak attack
With this change, the Maneki Neko power’s beckoning ability is now exclusively performed by the charged swat.
Come to me! … I said, come to me!
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