The end is nigh. Muwahahahahaha!

It is a joyous occasion; Gonna Catcha is now feature-complete. Everything I set out to do with the game is done aside from a few tweaks here and there. In v.0.9.0, I made two major sets of additions, along with some minor improvements.
The first set of additions are two additional screens in the attract mode. The first one is a brief introduction to all the characters in the game, and idea I borrowed from Mappy:
Meet the folks.
The game itself did not have any detailed depictions of the two main characters Pohena and Donum, so I put (relatively) large portraits of the two on this screen. Both still adhere to the 4-colour palette limitations of all sprites in the game, if you break them down into individual 8×8 tiles. (It was actually much easier to do than I imagined.)
After the introductions, the attract mode switches to a gameplay demo. This where the game’s autoplay system plays back one of my attempts at beating the first round with both characters. As was the style at the time, the attempt was poor.
You suck at this game!
I’ll buy YOU for a dollar!
The second set of additions are the tutorial sequences that teach players how to play the game, replacing the instructions screen in the previous version.
… …
Yeah, I got nothing.
The tutorials demonstrate, by example, the basic rules of the game: what each player character’s job is and what they can or cannot shoot. There are four in all; they are shown before Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 8.
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