The Dots are coming! The Dots are coming!

No, no, no, stop trying to click on it. This is just a picture.
The real thing will be coming soon.

The end of the month is nigh, and there’s not much left to do. I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted something regarding dot.Market in a while, so here we are. Like my previous two posts, I had some GIFs prepared to show, but the design of the interface had changed during the process of writing this blog post, so they’ve already become obsolete. Instead, here’s a video a quickly whipped up showing me fooling around the game for several minutes. (I would also like to note that this is also the first time I’m showing off the audio of the game.)

Things that have changed since last time:

  • The obligatory auto-save feature – So you can keep your play money safe between sessions.
  • New title screen – When I’m working at such a low resolution, using Photoshop suddenly became much easier.
  • New main menu buttons – I designed them to look like cash register keys, for that extra retaily-goodness.
  • Transitions – The transitions don’t only serve the aesthetic purpose of making the switches between certain screens less jarring, but it also cuts down on input error when the interface layout changes between screens.
  • Interface improvements in stock menu – I managed to fit in more buttons and widgets to make the process of stocking and replacing dots on the shelves and repricing them faster.
Things I still have left to do:

  • Some of the buttons still don’t play sound effects when clicked.
  • An options menu, where you can reset your save file and see the credits.
  • Whatever I may have forgotten.

That’s it for now. Until next time.

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