1024 colourful dots arranged to look like a business simulation

With the month (and the LOWREZJAM) coming to a close and all the basic game mechanics completed, I decided to focus on making various screens and menus more presentable by adding backgrounds and coloured text. Exciting! These are still not the finalized graphics (the buttons in particular still need to be redone), but it’s getting there.
So without further ado, here are some animated GIFs of the various changes I’ve made since last time. 
Stats screen
Note the new barebones income statement that shows the previous day’s revenue (in green), expenses (in dark red) and profit/loss (in this case, a loss, in bright red).
Market Stats and Buy screens
Aside from the added background and coloured text, I added horizontal grid lines to the price history graph for better readability.
News screen
Added transparency to the news tickers, just because.
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