New and improved blog design!*

I took a small break from game development to redesign this blog. It might not win any awards, but at least it’s better than the largely default theme I was using for this blog until now.

Also, I have a new mascot/logo for Quadolor Games. If you haven’t noticed it, it’s the rabbit thing in the top left. I’ve nicknamed it “Quadbunny”. I actually like how it turned out, as graphic design isn’t one of my strong points; I just know enough Adobe Illustrator to get by. I’m also surprised that I didn’t just stick with the very first design that came to mind like I usually fear I would do (Quadbunny went through at least eight revisions before reaching this final design).

Quadbunny’s red-yellow-green-blue colour scheme is a throwback to an older unused logo when Quadolor Games was still Quadricolour Games. And the reason Quadbunny is a bunny is because, well, I like bunnies, especially ones with Dutch markings:

My second choice would have been a Hotot rabbit, a.k.a. eyeliner bunny:

* Actual impressions may vary. See newspaper for details. Limit one per customer. No refunds.
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