A revelation

Alright it’s a new day, let’s fire up GameMaker: Studio and playtest Gonna Catcha to see what needs more work for a playable demo version.

Hmm, everything seems to be in order, no major bugs that I can see. Let’s play it again just to make sure.

Nope, nothing. Hmm, any unimplemented features I need to implement?

New mazes? No, I already have two, which is good enough for the demo.
Extra life system? Nope, I already did that. Extra life at every 20 000 points.
Combining the double and long shot items in one “Power” item? Did that too.

Well, how about bugs? I know there were a lot of them that I needed to get fixed.

Losing lives in a bonus round? No, I changed that. Now you just skip to the next level if you die in a bonus round, no lives or powerups lost.
Aha! The powerups weren’t being carried in between rounds, let me just- wait, no, that’s been fixed too.

You know what, I’m just going to read over my changelog…

… Uh huh… Bonus rounds no longer increment round counter … … Donum can now pass through stunned evil spirits and preta… … fixed a bug where the shelter/jail would show that there are spirits inside when it was empty… There has to be something that’s not done. Maybe a tiny graphical glitch, or- or a character not behaving as the should, or-

… …. …

Wait a minute, … I think I might have actually done enough for a playable demo…

OH NOEZ! What am I supposed to do now?! It’s pandemonium! Now is the perfect time to panic!

Source unknown.  OH NOEZ!

One hysterical episode later…

OK, so I guess I should be showing off my playable demo now. Give me a little time and come back a bit later while I sort this out.

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