I’ve been trying to work for the past week and all I got was this lousy post title.

It’s been a slow week.

I’ve been doing other things in the scary, mystical world known as “outside” that has left me feeling a bit exhausted.  In addition, coding on the Gonna Catcha has temporarily been halted due to the reports I’ve read on Game Maker: Studio-related forums. The latest update broke a lot of people’s projects, namely their games have stopped running after being compiled, similar to the symptoms my projects had last week.  My project only broke once for a different reason, but it was fixed easily.  YoYoGames has suggested rolling back on the software to the previous version for now until they roll out another update.  Since I don’t want my project to break again like last time, I’m still on the fence regarding whether to try the rollback solution or just wait until this whole thing blows over.

Well in the meantime, maybe I can dredge up something to show.


Well, here are some concept sprites for the spirits:

🙁 :  )   -_-   😀   😮   x_x   >_<
Evil (a.k.a., troublesome, vengeful, misunderstood)

>:(   :O   D:<   %P   J:|   x_x   >_<

And here’s a screenshot of the last build of the game:

“A strange cloud is coming from the North. I’m scared!”
(* A cookie for who knows where that’s from)

It might be hard to see from a still image, but the latest build allows the player characters to shoot evil spirits, with different outcomes.  I’ll make a proper video in the future.

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