Home stretch to the playable demo!

The last gameplay video I showed of Gonna Catcha was kind of boring since it only showed the game at it’s easiest (since I only wrote the round data for the first few rounds). Yesterday, I uploaded a new video showing the latest version of the game played at a moderate level of difficulty, moderate-hard for the bonus rounds: 
Some changes since the last video:
  • All the pretas (“ghosts”) are now in action, each with their own unique behaviours:
The Hungry Ghost will seek out and consume any items it finds.  If not, then it will just wander around the maze aimlessly.
The Vagrant Ghost prioritizes shelter over hunger.  It slowly drags itself towards the shelter or jail.  Once it gets there, it will enter the shelter/jail and scare away/release two spirits (who go back into reserve), disappear for a while, then respawn to repeat the process.  The player can shoot the Vagrant Ghost to temporarily chase it away from the shelter/jail.
This guy, the Vile Ghost, is new.  Like the Hungry Ghost, it will seek out items and consume them. However, unlike its gluttonous cousin, it will chase after the player if it can’t find any items.  They are mainly found in Pohena rounds as an implacable danger much like evil spirits are to Donum.  The good spirits’ slowing effect on Pohena makes it easier for the Vile Ghost to catch up with her, so better stay away from all of them.

  • Re-evaluated the point system.
  • Implemented a “three strikes” system in regards to shooting good spirits.  If the player (as either character) shoots a good spirit, they will be penalized:  -500 points for the first offence, -1000 for the second and one life for the third.  The strikes reset whenever the player loses a life.

The only thing the game needs before I release it as a demo are additional mazes and data dictating what spirits and preta spawn for each round. The end is in sight!

In other, related news, I made a few updates to the Gonna Catcha and related info pages…

…and here’s a black wolf staring into your soul…

“You should be drawing more.”
… and a white wolf who somehow managed to clone himself accidentally:
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