Excellent, it’s all falling into place.

Gonna Catcha 0.9.2rc is available for download. The “rc” is for “really cool!”. Actually, no, it stands for “release candidate”, meaning it’s ready to go, barring it destroying the world in the next few days somehow. You can find the download link on the game page.

For now, the download is only available on IndieDB because I got tired of Comodo Dragon (Chromium-based) and Internet Explorer (lol) telling me the downloads from my domain (quadolorgames.com) and Dropbox are “dangerous” because they’re new kids on the internet block. Firefox doesn’t seem to care though.

I haven’t had time to prepare a proper blog post to describe the release of v0.9.2rc in detail; I had been going out and getting people to playtest the game. And no, I don’t feel like getting in a debate about whether this post is technically “proper” or not. In any case, I’ll be making another soon, which will include something peculiar I’ve noticed about one part of Gonna Catcha.

While I wait to see if Gonna Catcha will trigger the apocalypse, I’ll be focusing on trying to increase the marketability of the game. In other words, the description pages of this game on this blog and IndieDB are a mess and really need to be updated and cleaned up. That should be fun.

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