…they thought she was a goner…

Has it really been almost two months since I last made a blog post? I didn’t think it was that many Screenshot Saturdays ago. This is also my first post since I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I haven’t fully settled in yet, so the design of the blog might feel a little…barren.

I am still working on “Cat Project” and made several additions and changes. Here is a list of those things:

  • New title menu featuring a kitty swatting the menu options to select them:
OK Kitty, now select a control scheme. No! Don’t hit it that hard!
    • The same interface is also being used for a laser-swatting minigame I was playing around with:
Now I know why cats like these so much.
  • Removed the more powerful charged swats, replaced them with a special attack that is charged/executed by a separate key/button. While they will all share the ability to use the regular swat attack, each kitty will have their own unique special attack. For example, the gray kitty can gather static electricity and shoot chain lightning at enemies.
  • Made the collisions between kitty and the environment more precise.
    • However, as a result of this, kitty can no longer change direction in midair.
    • And as a result of that, kitty can now jump backwards.
  • Experimenting with more complex backgrounds.
  • New death pose.
Oh no! We’re under attack! Abort! Abort!
  • Removed universal horizontally wrapround. It was limiting my level design choices. I might bring it back for a few levels though.
  • Added horizontal scrolling. In addition to allowing horizontally-oriented and wide-open levels, it made even the vertically-oriented levels feel less cramped.
  • Smoother camera scrolling.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes done to the platforming mechanics to make it more slick.
Raiding the mousey stash.

Last but not least, here’s a video showing how everything fits together:

I got some feedback suggesting I should call the game Kitty Quest. That might be a good starting point for coming up with names.

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