A Gift of GIFs

I was planning on putting out a demo of Feast for the Senses last week, seeing how it was Hallowe’en and all, but there was a lot more to be done than I previously thought. Now I’m not sure when the demo will come out. In the meantime, here are some GIFs of some new stuff.

When you move behind a wall or certain obstacles, an outlined sprite of your character now appears over it.

This solves a lot of the visibility issues in cramped and narrow spaces that made me favour putting a lot of open areas in my levels. The method used is basically a hybrid between the techniques of drawing silhouettes behind walls and drawing outlined text, combined with my lighting engine.

I added gate sprites for the marble + glass tileset (which was missing when I showed it last time) and also refined their opening animations:

I think I’m getting addicted to using sinusoidal interpolation over linear.

As I’ve been playtesting, I’ve noticed that placing powerful ammo (i.e. shotgun, grenades) behind locked doors wasn’t a big enough incentive for my playtesters or even myself to waste spend valuable time finding the keys to unlock them in Arena mode. That’s went I realized that I need to up the reward. Up the ante.

So I began to place these behind the locked doors. What’s inside the box?

If you’re more of a dog person, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. 😉

As mentioned earlier, draw the player’s outline when they are behind walls now makes navigating small spaces less frustrating. Because of that, I had been holding back showing one of my levels until now. It is made entirely out of narrow, twisty passages. I found this level to be more action-packed than the more wide-open levels since its labyrinthine quality makes most of the enemy encounters up close and personal.