Kilkenny Kitty 2 – When Cats Attack

M.S.T.O.P. here with some new updates on the “Cat Project”. I’m going to try to make my updates weekly, syncing them with Screenshot Saturday. Here are this week’s updates:
New combat mechanics
Last week, I demonstrated some changes to the combat mechanics: faster swats, tougher enemies and hitstun.
*smack* *smack* *smack*
This week, I made some more additions to make “Cat Project” even more action-oriented: knockback and attack-cancelling.

Kitty is not amused by practical joke. Also, an innocent
laser pointer gets caught in the crossfire and the toothbrush
begins its new career as part of a  juggling act.
Weak swats now push enemies back slightly; they can also be cancelled into another weak swat if it connects with an enemy, like in many beat ’em up and fighting games. Strong swats push enemies back further (though the hitstun the same, at least for now), but cannot be cancelled.


Increased kitty health

Begone, evil spirit of good dental health!
Don’t get too attached to it, the GUI will definitely change in the future. Health meters now show that both kitty and his enemies are no longer one-hit wonders. I haven’t worked out how kitty’s increased stamina will interact with the powerup system. (Previously, the powerup doubled as an additional hit point that was lost when kitty took damage, like in Mario games.)

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