Interior Decorating

I made quite a few changes this week:


I’m not as gung-ho about hiding stuff in total darkness anymore, so I made some changes to the player’s light to make things easier to see:

  • Larger light radius – so you can detect enemies sooner and have more time to whip out your gun.
  • Small amount of ambient lighting – it makes the edges of the light circle a bit nicer.
  • Tracers are now lit through the darkness – so you can see if your magic missiles successfully attacked the darkness or not.

boomThis is my Boomstick

New marble and glass tileset

For a large part of the development of this game, I’ve been using the Grass Maze tileset to playtest my game:

While I have made improvements to it over time, I still got tired of looking at it and decided that the game needed a makeover. Below are some screenshots of the different features of this tileset:

Diamond tiles

Roll out the red carpet

Sunken carpet

Sunken waterway

Miscellaneous additions

I added a bunch of new sound effects and fixed a bug in the countdown timer. If there is anything else I added this week that I forgot to mention, it will be in this video:

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