Games I Have Made Old


Gonna Catcha

105An homage to the arcade games of the early 80s, featuring two canine psychopomps tracking down runaway spirits.


anemomaniaBeing a wind god isn’t easy. Blow the mortals’ ship back to port, but don’t wreck too many of them.

Cut ’em Down

cutendownA reverse cute-’em-up. Spawn mooks to shoot down the AI-controlled hero character.

Shiny Ball Generator

Custom raytracer written in GML. Also, you can play a game while it’s rendering.


market-1-6-2014Enter the exciting and lucrative world of… dot trading? A simple low-resolution business simulator.

Fodder Cannon

foddercannonKick the other guy into submission… by proxy.

Rise & Fall

actionA wacky ancient skirmish made for the Royal Ontario Museum to create awareness of ancient cultures.

Pillage the Village: En Masse

pillageVillagers are away in church, looting time!

Current Projects

Feast for the Senses

title2(noise_scale)(x2.0)(level2)One fairy equipped with guns vs. an army of monsters and the darkness. A top-down maze-crawler and shooter.


“Cat Project”


Cat-powered platformer.


trebleA rhythm-platformer: you rhythm while I platform.